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Located in a picturesque area between two forests, the Vilnius Complex Care Center “Šeimos slėnis” (hereinafter – “Šeimos slėnis” / eng. The Family Valley) offers complex services to families with children with disabilities.


The main aim of the facility is to deliver high-quality early rehabilitation and social services such as childcare, respite care and education. The mobile team of “Šeimos slėnis” provides psychosocial services to families with children experiencing various difficulties, behaviour and emotional problems.


The centre also has a “baby hatch” – it’s a hole in the wall of the building and if a newborn baby is placed inside, a silent alarm goes off, alerting the staff on duty to take care of the abandoned baby.


“Šeimos slėnis” has a wide range of experienced medical psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, social workers, employment specialists and other professionals.


In order to ensure quality services, the specialists use the latest advanced methodologies such as Attention Autism, DIRFloortime, Numicon, Rehacom cognitive development programme, Tomatis therapy, which has been successfully implemented for children with attention, social and language disorders. Specialists also work using Forbrain headphones and Soundsory headphones are provided for the 40 days of home work.


The institution is equipped with modern sensory rooms. Children attend sand and salt therapy, pottery classes and hydrotherapy. The outdoor playground has a wellness trail inspired by Sebastian Kneipp’s therapy method.


In 2021, “Šeimos slėnis” was awarded an Assurance Certificate for three years by EQUASS (“European Quality in Social Services”).




Kaip mus rasti


Adresas: Žolyno 47, Vilnius
Telefonas:  (+370 5)  234 0300



I–V : 07:30 – 16:15
V: 07:30 – 15:00